Latest Consulting Projects

Dedicated to help our client grow their revenue.

Consulting included:
- KPI definition
- Data arrangement
- Build Dashboard
- Build the PDCA cycle

Our product, cloud BI, Analytica was adopted in the project.

E-commerce analysis consulting

Product : Analytica

Localization of overseas product into Japanese business market

Overseas product was localized into Japanese business market. The product was a highly technical software which enables companies analyze their business data by connecting multiple database in the multiple private networks, same as our product, Analytica. The complementary software was needed to apply to the Japanese  business environment.

The consulting included below:
- Business requirement
- System Design

Data  analysis consulting in an unorganized data environment

Language : Python, SQL

Business data was analyzed in an unorganized data environment and meaningful insight was proposed. The analysis was proceeded by extracting the business data from many database products. They were finally joined and aggregated in the python program.